Anyone Can Book a Gig started as an online course, but you program has grown to include a number of options to suit different students. Take a look at what works for you.

1. Online Course

The original online course that started it all.

We created this course with the confidence built from 30 years of booking international tours for some of jazz and world music’s most recognized artists. Wherever you are in your career, we’ll guide you through every step of the booking process.

2. Global Community

Don’t just take the course, join the Community.

After workshops and private consultations with artists, we knew that our students would benefit from the ability to meet and collaborate. Join our community of artists and find support as you grow your performance career.

3. Textbook

Hold Anyone Can Book a Gig in your hands.

All of the same content as the online course, available as a personal reference book or as a resource for educators. Order books yourself, or contact us for discounts on bundles for educational institutions.

4. Workshops & Webinars

Hear directly from our team of professionals.

Attend a Q&A webinar through our Community platform, or book our team to attend your event or visit your location and present our course or sit on a panel. Virtual and in-person options available.


Who says you can’t book your own tour?

Join our online Global Community and jumpstart your music career with help from the experts.